Ehab Kotb

Board Member

Ehab Kotb is an accomplished risk management expert with an established history of professional expertise in the risk management field that is backed by a strong academic track.

Ehab has started his career path as an Accountant, moving afterwards to join the Credit Department at the Bank of Commerce and Development (BCD) before becoming the Credit Centralization Department Section Head at Misr Exterior Bank; a joint venture between Banque Misr and Banco Exterior de Espana. He then became the Credit Department Section Head at Banque Misr.

In 2005, Ehab became the Credit Risk Department Section Head at the Suez Canal Bank (SCB) before joining the Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE) as an Assistant Manager at the Credit Risk Department in 2007, then as the Large Corporate Evaluation Risk Team Leader at the Credit Risk Department in 2009.


During this period, Ehab has been an active member of the Main Credit Committee, Investment Committee and the Non-Performing Loans Committee.

In 2016, Ehab joined the Industrial Development and Workers Bank of Egypt (IDWBE) where he was the Credit Risk General Manager before becoming the bank’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO). Ehab is the Head of both the Policies and Procedures committee as well as the Second Credit Committee. He is also an active member of the Supreme Administrative committee, the Executive committee, the First Credit committee, the Provisions committee and the Non-Performing Loans committee. Ehab is currently a Board Member of Egylease; IDBE’s subsidiary company.

Ehab holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce and a High Diploma in Marketing from Ain Shams University, in addition to a number of Credit and Risk Management certifications. He is currently a candidate of both Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and MBA.