About Egylease

EgyLease was launched in 2016 by the Industrial Development Bank (IDB). Currently EgyLease’s paid-in capital is EGP 250 million. Egylease is regulated under Law 176 of 2018 and all the laws and regulations covering the financial leasing market in Egypt.

Since its inception, Egylease has been growing progressively and is striving to become one of the top and key players in the Egyptian financial leasing market

Strategic Objectives

  • Corporate Governance: To have a solid shareholder structure in place that adheres to global corporate governance best practices to ensure a clear separation of ownership and management, as well as the adequate staffing of the board and committees with skilled and knowledgeable calibers with a strong disclosure and transparency policy in place.
  • Focus on SMEs: To maintain a constant focus on the SMEs segment by providing product programs that offer a simple and efficient method for stakeholders under the auspices of the IDB which enjoys a unique position as a service provider in the SMEs market
  • Risk Management: To apply the most advanced local and international technologies to bring together an end-to-end IT solution that supports our risk management objectives and helps us have robust risk controls and ratings of customers as well as receive early warning signals to proactively address risks and support our decision-making base.

Our Values

Integrity: We provide our services with honesty and integrity, committing ourselves to high standards and principles to do the right services for our clients and stakeholders with transparency and best-in-market practices.

Professionalism: We consistently apply the principles of excellence, ethics, respect, communication and accountability, working together to maintain professionalism and achieve the highest levels of services.

Customer-centric Culture: We put our clients at the core of all services rendered to them we do and we recognize them as our main partners in success, constantly striving to provide a positive experience that helps us to maintain fruitful long-term relationships.

Our Visions

We aim to be the premier leasing company in Egypt. We will achieve this through exceeding our clients’ expectations and creating consistent long-term value for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Values



Customer-centric Culture

Our Mission

To create value for our clients, employees and shareholders by constantly finding funding solutions that enable us to provide a differentiated service allowing us to grow with our clients.