Sayed Abu El Komsan

Board Member

Mr. Sayed Abu El Komsan is a distinguished civil servant with over 59 years’ experience in Egypt. Mr.Abu El Komsan was an Adviser to the Minister of Trade and Industry for Trade Affairs, from July 2007 to February 2020. During his service at the Ministry of Industry he served in various committees and chaired the Industry and Trade Council, the Ministry’s Grievances Committee, the Advisory Committee for Anti-Dumping complaints.

Mr.Abu El Komsan was a member of the Egyptian Industrial Product Preference Committee formed by the Prime Minister. He was a member of the Egyptian negotiation team in all bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and was a member of the Trade Policy Review at the World Trade Organization

Mr.Abu El Komsan was the General Director of the General Administration of Import In Foreign Trade.

He established the tasks and terms of reference for export councils in 1997, which are considered the institutional framework for integration between the government and the private sector with regard to setting trade and investment policies.

Mr. Abu El Komsan was a Board Member in the Agriculture Development Bank, Export Development Bank, Arab Company for Maritime Transport, Supply Commodity Authority, Food Safety Authority, Delta Cotton Ginning Company, Export Guarantee Company.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences Degree in 1962